The project implementation strategy of rural electrification in Kenya is intended to achieve the Government’s development strategy of realizing Vision 2030. The Government of Kenya’s primary goal as articulated in Vision 2030 is provision of a high quality of life to citizens by the year 2030 whereby electricity is identified as one of the critical factors of a high quality of life. The target of the Vision is to connect all public facilities and to ensure all Kenyans have access to electricity by the year 2030.

The main public facilities under implementation through this project are public secondary schools, trading centres and health centres. Others are public primary schools, polytechnics, administrative offices, churches, mosques, coffee factories and processing plants, police posts, tea buying centres and water projects. Electrification of public facilities is implemented through grid extension for public facilities within grid network and installation of solar PVs for facilities in off-grid areas. In terms of grid electrification, the network put in place has served as a backbone for connecting households in the vicinity of these public facilities.

Electrification of public facilities is still ongoing under the Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Corporation, with the intention of achieving the Vision 2030 target of universal access by the year 2022.

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